Thursday, March 18, 2010



While Tom is gone for the business trip, I usually settle myself with simple and quick meal. Don't bother to make anything special just for 1 serving.

But today I am going to do something fancy to pamper myself. Sesame ginger Chicken or pork kidney is a popular dish in the month of confinement for a Chinese woman after giving birth to a child, it is very nourishing. It is definitely not a dish for regular/ daily meal as the combination of sesame oil and ginger will bring heat to your body, this is not recommended for those people with high blood pressure.

Tom doesn't like the taste of pork kidney, can't stand the urine odor. But if you clean it completely, the smell will go away. I soaked in the hot water for an hour and rinse it few times before cook. Since I am home alone, I can cook something I have been long craving for and don't have to cook a separate meal for him. :-)


I didn't really measure my ingredients, they are adjustable according to your preference.

1. 1 tbsp thin ginger strips
2. 1 tbsp sesame oil
3. 3 chicken wings - cut to portions
4. 1 pork kidney - clean well, cut to approx. 1.5" chunks , soaked in hot water for an hours, rinse it thoroughly.
5. 500~600ml water
6. Salt to taste
7. Some Shao Xing Wine

Steps :
1. In a heated sauce pan, fragrant the ginger, add in chicken wings, stir fry for 2~3 minutes.
2. Add in water, bring to boil. Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes.
3. Add in pork kidney and bring to boil again.
4. Salt to taste.
5. Add some Shao Xin wine before remove from heat

TOM 不在的时候, 我都是吃得很简单, 有时候一个荷包蛋加酱油配白饭就是一餐了. 没什么心情煮, 再说, 一个人的量真的不好煮.

话说我自己本身超爱吃麻油的, 又喜欢吃猪腰(虽然有些人会觉得很恶心), 但是如果是自己在家里弄, 彻底的清洗干净, 就不会有什么味道了. TOM 不吃....趁现在他不在, 我就煮一道自己喜欢吃的来奖赏自己吧!!!! 汤如果有剩, 还可以加点面线哦...

虽然很爱, 但是我不是时常都会煮这道菜, 热量高, 也会造成身体 热气也高, 我在想哦.... 如果有一天我做月子的时候每天都吃..., 会不会从此以后就不敢吃了???

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"You Tiao" in Thai Sauce (泰式油条沙拉)


I am not sure if some of you have tried this before. I am not sure if you can really find it in Thailand. This is the dish I usually had when I ate at an economy rice stall in Penang, Prai industrial area, the place I used to work.

I have some leftover "you tiao" in my fridge. So, here I come with my "You Tiao" in Thai sauce. I couldn't find bunga kantan (ginger torch) here in Arizona, so I replaced it with kesom leaf (Vietnamese cilantro). Personally, I still like it better with the fragrance of bunga kantan.


It is a good snack or appetizer for a party. You may mix the sauce before serving to keep the best texture (crispyness) of the "you tiao" pieces. Don't put the sauce on the "you tiao" pieces until it is being served, or the bread will become soggy.

Recipe and steps :

1. 1 "You tiao" - split and cut to 1 inch piece.

- bake the "you tiao" pieces at 300F for 12~15 minutes, the longer the harder. It should be crispy outside, and soft inside. (The lady boss deep fries them, it is faster, but not so healthy).

2. Sauce
- 50ml tamarind juice
- 3 tbsp Thai chili sauce
- 1 tsp (or as desired) brown sugar

Cook ingredient # 2 over medium heat until boil. Stir to mix well. Set aside for cooling.

3. Garnishing
- 4~5 small purple onion - sliced or chopped
- 5~8 kesom leaf (bunga kantan is recommended) - chopped
- 1~2 chili padi - chopped (optional)
- few drops of lime juice

Before serving, mix cooked sauce # 2 and garnishing ingredients, pour over baked "you tiao" pieces. Toss to coat well. Enjoy!!!


Conversation between Tom and me about "You Tiao" when I made him kopi "o" with "you tiao" the other day.

Tom " What is this?"
Me " urr... Chinese bread stick" ( I referred the the packaging)
Tom " what is Chinese bread stick"
Me " It is ONE kind of bread" (...lazy to explain)
Tom " OOooo... um...let me try it....nom-nom-nom....arhhhh it is DONUT WITHOUT SUGAR IN STICK SHAPE"
Me " arhhhhhhh ya...ya..ya...ya " (gosh... I was going to tell him it is "DEEP FRIED GHOST" literally translated from Cantonese - "Yao Char Kuai"...hahahahaha!)
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