Thursday, March 4, 2010

"You Tiao" in Thai Sauce (泰式油条沙拉)


I am not sure if some of you have tried this before. I am not sure if you can really find it in Thailand. This is the dish I usually had when I ate at an economy rice stall in Penang, Prai industrial area, the place I used to work.

I have some leftover "you tiao" in my fridge. So, here I come with my "You Tiao" in Thai sauce. I couldn't find bunga kantan (ginger torch) here in Arizona, so I replaced it with kesom leaf (Vietnamese cilantro). Personally, I still like it better with the fragrance of bunga kantan.


It is a good snack or appetizer for a party. You may mix the sauce before serving to keep the best texture (crispyness) of the "you tiao" pieces. Don't put the sauce on the "you tiao" pieces until it is being served, or the bread will become soggy.

Recipe and steps :

1. 1 "You tiao" - split and cut to 1 inch piece.

- bake the "you tiao" pieces at 300F for 12~15 minutes, the longer the harder. It should be crispy outside, and soft inside. (The lady boss deep fries them, it is faster, but not so healthy).

2. Sauce
- 50ml tamarind juice
- 3 tbsp Thai chili sauce
- 1 tsp (or as desired) brown sugar

Cook ingredient # 2 over medium heat until boil. Stir to mix well. Set aside for cooling.

3. Garnishing
- 4~5 small purple onion - sliced or chopped
- 5~8 kesom leaf (bunga kantan is recommended) - chopped
- 1~2 chili padi - chopped (optional)
- few drops of lime juice

Before serving, mix cooked sauce # 2 and garnishing ingredients, pour over baked "you tiao" pieces. Toss to coat well. Enjoy!!!


Conversation between Tom and me about "You Tiao" when I made him kopi "o" with "you tiao" the other day.

Tom " What is this?"
Me " urr... Chinese bread stick" ( I referred the the packaging)
Tom " what is Chinese bread stick"
Me " It is ONE kind of bread" (...lazy to explain)
Tom " OOooo... um...let me try it....nom-nom-nom....arhhhh it is DONUT WITHOUT SUGAR IN STICK SHAPE"
Me " arhhhhhhh ya...ya..ya...ya " (gosh... I was going to tell him it is "DEEP FRIED GHOST" literally translated from Cantonese - "Yao Char Kuai"...hahahahaha!)


  1. "You Tiao" looks so tempting. I remember once I stuffed sotong paste in the you tiao and deep fried it. Then dip with rojak sauce.
    I wonder Tom ever tried "臭豆腐" before? ha..haa..

  2. owh owh Wendy are you serious? Thai chili sauce with you tiao.. haha.. Although it sounds very eye opening to me, okay fine. It's a good blend that I would have never thought of! I love thai chili sauce and I'm starting to think that it matches the slight salty-ish you tiao. Never seen this anywhere before!

  3. funny the way Tom sees it as donut without sugar etc. I have not eaten you tiaw with the sauces before. For us malacca nyonya, we dip in assam rebus cooked with lots of daun kesum. yummy!! :)

  4. Anncoo...Ya, I have tried it stuffed with fish paste in some of the "Yong Tao Fu" stall too. Every time when I order rojak, I always tell the boss give me extra "you tiao" hehe...looks like we both have the same taste bud.
    Let me tell you how Tom feels about 臭豆腐. Once, we went to a Taiwanese restaurant in LA - 阿宗面线. When we first step in the restaurant, Tom asked me "wow...what is that smell". Apparently, they serve stinky tofu too. When I order the mi suah, I asked Tom if he want to try the tofu, he immediately shake his head and said " I don't want to eat TOILET"!! hahahahaa...

  5. Hi Traci....try this out, you will love it! :-)

  6. Hi remind me of eating assam laksa with "you tiao" too. Some of the vegetarian stall in Penang will add some re-fried you tiao in vegetarian curry noodle too. It tasted really good!

  7. 将油条炸脆后,再加入喜欢的水果和 rojak 酱料拌均也是很不错的小吃。

  8. Potato...对对对!!我每次点ROJAK都要求老板加多一点油条给我!!

  9. So creative to eat yu tiao this way :)

  10. Allie, i think the texture and the saltiness of you tiao is good to match with everything. I have tried it with mayo too, not bad. But with Thai sauce is my fav., may be due to the fragrance of bunga kantan..


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