Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steamed Scallop with Mung Bean Vermicelli (蒸鲜贝粉丝)


Long story cut short, I am in a hurry, just wanted to share this recipe really quick! This is one of my favorite dishes whenever I dine in seafood restaurant. I couldn't get the small fresh scallop with shell here. So, made it with the giant scallops just to satisfy my crave. :-p


1. 280g scallop (about 6pcs)
2. 30g or as needed mung bean vermicelli
3. Sauce :
i. 2~3 cloves of garlic
ii. 2~3 ginger slice
iii.2~3 chili padi
(finely chop # i~iii)
iv) 1/2 tsp oyster sauce
v) 1/2~1tsp tsp soy sauce or to taste
vi) 2~3 tbsp water (add more if extra mung bean vermicelli is used)

4. Garnishing
i. 1 tsp shao xin wine (optional)
ii. 1 tsp garlic oil
iii. green onion and cilantro
iv. crispy garlic (蒜油酥)

Steps :
1. Boil the water in the steaming pot/pan.
2. Arrange the scallops on a bed of mung bean vermicelli in a steaming dish
3. Mix well all the ingredients # 3, and pour into the scallops.
4. Steam in high heat for 8~10 minutes.
5. Before remove from heat, add in garnishing ingredients # 4.
6. Serve warm.


  1. WOW! Looks so delicious and easy to follow~~Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Anncoo....easy and quick! And yummy!!

  3. The scallops look succulent, juicy and flavorful! So delicious but lately for me, I have been eating bland food :( coz have been feeling unwell.

    So, are you all packed to head back to Penang? Maybe I can come over & help you watch your melons! :) Hope you will get all your matters sorted out smoothly so that you'll have a wonderful Xmas time free of worries! :D

  4. Hi Nyonya...its flu season, take care ya!!

    How did you know one my major concerns?? I really need someone to take care of my melons and other plants while we are away!!!hahahahaa....
    I have a long "to buy, to pack, to do" list before take off to Penang, then have another "to buy, to do, to eat" list in Penang, I have been fully booked to gather with my family, friends and relative for the whole week that I am going to spend there. Conflict though.. I am ON DIET mar!!!! hahahaha

  5. You can be on diet AFTER your Penang trip lah. Really rugi if you go back Penang & diet. It's a food haven there!! Lol! I'm sure your melons will survive 1 week of 'absent love & care' from the owner :D.

  6. The dish looks very nice, you have captured it very nicely in pictures :).

  7. Ya lor...I already have a plan in my mind, I will order everything I have being craving for, then eat each of them portionly, and let hubby finish the rest...hahahahh..he has to be my tong sampah for a week! lol!!

  8. cooking-gallery, thank you for your compliment :-), I am learning hard to capture nicer picture for my blog. Still need a lot of practice for the lighting though..


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