Sunday, April 11, 2010

蟹肉粉丝豆腐汤(Crab meat tofu soup)

有没有很像鱼翅汤啊??? 吃起来味道也很像哦....Shark fin soup???

This is the soup I like to make whenever I am craving for shark fin soup. Tom actually like it better than the real shark fin soup because of the cruelty how we treat the sharks just to get the fins. I added silken tofu just to enhance the smoothness texture, you can omit it if you want to make it more real like shark fin soup.


其实鱼翅吃起来真的没有什么味道, 为了减少那么一点罪恶感, 我还是用粉丝来代替好啦. TOM还蛮喜欢的. 你不妨一试? 我加了嫩豆腐是因为我喜欢滑顺的口感, 如果你想让它更像鱼翅汤, 你可不必加豆腐.

1. Chicken stock - 500~600ml
2. Dried scallop - 1 (optional)
3. Bean thread (粉丝) - 20g- pre-soaked and cut to about 3~4 inches strips.
4. Frozen crab meat - 300g (I like it more!!!) - thawed
5. Silken tofu (嫩豆腐) - 120g - cut to 1/3" cubes
7. Salt to taste
8. Corn starch water for thickening
9. Some Shao Xing wine
10. Black vinegar / Balsamic Vinegar

Steps :

1. Boil the chicken stock with dried scallop, add in bean thread, cook over low heat for 10~15 minutes.
2. Add in crab meat, cook for another 5 minutes.
3. Slowly stir in tofu cubes, bring to boil again.
4. Salt to taste, thicken the soup with corn starch.
5. Add some Shao Xing wine (1~2 tsp).
6. Serve hot with some black or balsamic vinegar


  1. yes it does remind me alot like shark fin soup when I first saw it. I love the idea of tofu in it. Sure very yummy! with a hint of vinegar... mmmm..~

  2. 真的很像鱼翅耶! 我们很少买鱼翅,有时一年才吃一次.像你这样做法最好,又可以吃得到(哈哈)又不会有罪恶感.

  3. wendy, yours looks richer and better than the restaurant version, although without shark's fin. nowadays, the restaurant version is either too watery or too starchy and not much ingredients inside. i have never made this before and should learn to. i also like it with A LOT of crab meat inside ;)

  4. Traci, it taste good with apple vinegar too.

    Anncoo & Potato : 这就是平民鱼翅汤嘛...

    Nyonya...some restaurant not even give you the real crab meat, they use imitation crab meat instead. One of the reasons i make this soup myself is I can add the crab meat as many as I want :-p

  5. Hello Wendy, love this dish of yours. Outstanding! Looks really delicious. I even can get the lovely smell here, ha ha.
    Can see you have a Black Belt in cooking.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  6. Hello Uncle Lee, thank you for drop by and your kind words!


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