Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pumpkin Congee + Stir Fried Pickled Mustard (南瓜粥配素炒酸菜)


The weather here is getting warmer. I am not feeling well, have no appetite to eat anything fancy. Since today is our vege day, I made something light and easy - pumpkin congee and kiam chai (pickled mustard). Simple delicious!


这几天气温比较高了...没什么胃口.., 既然今天是初一, 不吃肉, 就煮简单和清淡一点吧...

南瓜粥配素炒酸菜, 酸菜还蛮开胃的....我和TOM一天里面竟然把一大碗的酸菜给扫光了...呵呵..
我喜欢用南瓜来褒粥, 吃起来有点甜甜棉棉的...健康又美味!

Pumpkin congee
- 3/4 cup of rice - washed and rinsed
- 1500ml water (or as desired)
- few drops of vegetable oil
- 400 g pumpkin (with skin) - cut to approx. 2 inches cube.
- some Goji berry - optional

Steps - boil the water and rice with few drops of oil, switch to low heat and cook for 20 minutes. Add in pumpkin cubes, continue to cook for another 60~80 minutes. Add in Goji berry 10 minutes before remove from heat.

Stir fried pickled mustard.
1. 300g pickled mustard - pre-soaked in the warm water for at least 1 hour, rinsed once, cut to strips, wash again, rinse and squeeze out the excessive water.
2. Oyster mushroom - thinly sliced
3. 百页豆腐 (not sure how to call this in English) - thinly sliced
4. 3~4 chili padi or red chili - sliced
5. 1/2 inch of ginger - striped
6. 3 garlic - chopped
7. 1 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce
8. Some soy sauce to taste (omit if the pickled mustard is salty enough)
9. a dash of sugar
10. some green onion for garnishing
10. some water

Steps :
1. Heat and grease the pan, fragrant the ginger and garlic. Add in chili slices, quick stir for 20 seconds.
2. Add in the mushroom and tofu slices, vege. oyster sauce and some soy sauce, stir fry for 2 minutes.
3. Add in picked mustard, sprinkle some water. Stir fry for another 3~5 minutes.
4. Season with some vege. oyster sauce, dash of sugar, soy sauce (if needed).
5. Garnish with some green onion, remove from heat.


  1. 哇!那南瓜粥颜色煮得很美。有时简单煮,也是很美味。

  2. Anncoo, 热天气就是什么都不想做...如果有人包煮三餐给我那就真的是太幸福咯...

  3. 南瓜粥配酸菜, 我喜欢!

    Ops, 我很好奇, 这个Tom吃得惯吗?

  4. I really, really like such simple meal! Once a while when I have no idea what to cook for lunch, I always fall back to plain porridge with pickled stuff. Next time, I'll put in pumpkins (hopefully from my garden as I've just planted pumpkin seeds yesterday ;). Hope you feeling better already!

  5. Potato...我还要跟他抢酸菜咧..,他还蛮喜欢吃酸菜的!

  6. Nyonya...Don't forget to take some photo for your garden! :-)

  7. Wendy, my pumpkin seeds just sprouted 3 leaves! Yippeeeeeee....

  8. yay!!!! Nyonya...soon, they will grow to a!! watch out the bugs though :-)


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