Tuesday, July 26, 2011

薄荷奶虾米粉 (Mint Prawn with rice noodle)


Just wanna post something made from instant paste, fast and easy for a working mom. Wish I have time to post some new recipes soon....(I am day dreaming, my baby just stared to crawl, I can't even keep my eyes out of her...lol)
太久没po食谱了, 朋友送来两包薄荷虾酱料,加水,淡奶, 虾一起煮, 上桌的时候加些薄荷, 烫了一些米粉来拌多余的汤汁, 又是美味可口的一餐了。 对要上班, 又要照顾宝宝的我来说, 越简单, 越快越好。 希望很快又可以写食谱了吧。。(在幻想中) . 宝宝已经开始会爬了, 要写食谱也不知道要等到什么时候了。。。

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