Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Party Season!!!

I will be away from my computer for a while. Going back to my home country - food paradise - Penang. Meanwhile, my "ON DIET" plan will be on hold until next year. Hahahahahaa...because I have too many parties to go (family and friends gathering, food hunting, Thanksgiving, year end pot luck, Xmas, New Year..bla bla).
I think I will keep a record for the goodies that I am going to eat from now until new year. It will be a lot!!!!! I believe! :-p
Till then, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, feel free to eat and have fun!! :-)


  1. wow, welcome home! I'm sure diet can wait.. hehe :)

  2. have a fantastic trip back home and enjoy all the parties and great food!! :D happy holidays !

  3. Wendy, guess what!! you've won my Christmas gift-aways! You are the first name from my random pick! Please come to my post to get my email add once you're back from Penang. Congrats and cheers!


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