Thursday, February 19, 2009

House almost gone!!!!

I never thought that I would start to post my blog with this title "House almost gone"!!! This blog was actually created 3 months ago as a purpose to share my cooking adventures with my friend, I always try to find many excuses to escape from writing an article. Then, what have happened to me???

I was hurrying to Tzu Chi early this morning to pick up some recycle chemical drums that I wanted to use it as a starter for my mini vegetable growing, then I stayed there for the preparation of the homeless's hot meal serving, hubby drove the pick up truck with the drums straight to work, he was planning to drive them back at his lunch time. on 12.30pm, hubby called me with a very serious voice "you got a problem" and told me about what he has "discovered" when he got home!!!----->I forgot to turn off the heat for the soup, imaging ---> a small pot of the soup sitting on the stove with high heat for 5 hours!! According to hubby, our house was full of smoke, he couldn't even see the back door when he opened the front door and steped into the house, strong burning smell surrouding made him couldn't breath, the furnitures are stinky now....., I was totally in shock and speechless when hubby talked to me in phone, I felt so bad and guilty.... :-( !!! What would have happened to our house if hubby changed his mind not to go home at lunch? We might be homeless now.... :-( , thanks GOD!! We were really lucky.

See how bad the pot of soup burnt....

I know this is an unpleasant starter post, but I wanted this to be served as a REMINDER for myself be alert and caution when cooking, this is not a funny adventure at all!!! And so for my potential readers, please watch out the heat and check the stove before you go out.

Lastly, I hope hubby will forgive me and still love me. I brought you a lovely and yummy tiramisu, ...Please accept my apologize, please? :-p.


  1. A black Porsche 911 Twin Turbo, 2003 or newer will make me instantly forget about this, and maybe not notice the smell of charred vegetables so much! :-)
    This one will do nicely:
    I love you, but please don't do this (or anything like it!) again, ok?

  2. Thanks god ! every thing is fine ! Don't be upset, learn from the mistake and be careful next time," mistake make us mutual", agreed. He will be accept you apolozi,from your sincerely.
    The cake look nice !
    From cherrie

  3. Oh my! It doesn't look like a pot of soup at all. Um.., what soup you cooking ya??? I see something like beans in it ^^ Yep, you are lucky indeed Tom was back at the right time. Don't feels upset, just be extra careful when using the stove or any electrical appliances in future. Take care and stay pretty always!

  4. hi cherrie, whew... hubby finally smile and joke to me now!! :-p

    tin tin, that was lotus root soup, i used to add some peanuts in it, that burnt thing really scared me, it could had been a burnt house if Tom didn't come home....whew!!! I will post the recipe of the soup some day..cheers!!

  5. okay, i will be waiting for your fast cook, take pics & share yr recipes with me ya! Hv a nice day!

  6. Oh my goodness! Don't feel so bad though, it is a very easy thing to do. I just did it with boiling potatoes a few days ago. Im still trying to get it off the bottom of the pan, but I think I should just throw the pan away! There should be an automatic shut off device on stoves/ovens like there are on curling irons.

  7. hi tif, now that Tom calls me fire bug!he is so mean!!

  8. heheheh!!! Fire. FIIIIRE!!!! heh. heheheh.
    Then, like, the next day, she set her purse against the ON button on the coffee maker and nearly melted her purse to the hot plate. heh. Firebug. :-P


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