Friday, February 27, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009 (Part 2)

Continue from part I, last Saturday, Tom eventually showed me what was the surprise he wanted to give me on the Valentine's day, he brought me and Cici to Arizona Renaissance Festival. You may find more information about this festival from here. It was an interesting and eye opening trip. We got the chance to experience the old European shops, costumes, entertainments, arts, foods. Lets the pictures tell you our enjoyable time!

Entrance of the festival

The Lord Mayors Pavilion

An Australian aboriginal musical instrument, the "digeridoo".

The Mediaeval Baebes, a band from England.

These two were dressed as fantasy villains - the bad guys!

There are more photos coming up, stay tuned!!


  1. Look like you have so much fun there. Actually the jelly I made is the one people sells out there as "soya bean longan jelly"...but do u believe no soya bean are used in making then, i just call it soft jelly in longan syrup lo.. LOL

  2. Next year, I want to go as a 16th Century Portugese pirate, and Wendy will go as a 16th Century Chinese Princess who I stole from the Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhengde during a fierce sea battle! LOL! We'll test their knowledge of history! :-)

  3. LOL!!! Stay tuned guys!! Will post our costumes next year!!


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