Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dong Gui (Angelica sinensis) Chicken Soup

I am being overloaded - feel really exhausted. I am working a few extra hours per day for the past 2 weeks(wanna save some flexible vacation hours for my days off to go back to Penang at the end of Nov.) I need some energy enhancement food - tadahhhhh -I need some energy enhancement food - tadahhhhh - Dong Gui (Angelica Sinensis) Chicken Soup. I didn't put too much Dong Gui as I wasn't sure Tom would like it or not, fortunately, that was not too hard for him to accept it.


Here's my very simple energy soup.

1. 12g Dong Gui slices (add more if you like it tasted stronger)
2. 1lbs chicken (I used drum sticks as they were available in my fridge)
3. 500ml water.
4. 3~4 dried dates - un-pitted
5. Some wolfberry
6. Few slice of Yok Chuk (Polygonatum odoratum) - optional
6. Salt to taste

1. Gather everything except salt into a double boil dish.
2. Cook for 3~4 hours.
3. When done cooking, skim the excessive oil if necessary.
3. Season with salt before serve.


  1. 我也有一段时间没煲汤喝了,看了你的post,流口水了。

  2. cherry potato...我是最近精神不好, 累挎了, 才赶快补一补. 要不然, 未老先衰啊!!hahahaha...

  3. 美女,中秋节快乐!!!

  4. I love herbal chicken soup! I also like the smell of angelica roots...:)

  5. Cooking-Gallery - this angelica roots here in US are not so good, lack of taste. I may get more when I go back to Penang. :-P


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