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Pak Cheng Soup - 八珍养颜汤, 八珍面线


My friend in China is bugging me to post this recipe for her in Mandarin, as she doesn't speak English. I was thinking to take this as an excuse to skip my English lesson for one post. :-p. I thought that it might be easier for me to post this recipe in Mandarin too because it is related to Chinese medication. Anyway, I will still post bilingually.

I was suffering from the pain of PMS(Premenstrual syndrome) long time ago, my mom kept nagging me about consuming this traditional Chinese herbal medicine soup. It is to ease my pain and help to improve my blood circulation. The "Pak Cheng" prescription contains ligusticum wallici, Angelica Sinensis, Paeonia Lactielora, Glutinosa, Coponosis Tangshen....etc. You may cook this with some pork ribs or chicken. Or, you may substitute the meat with eggs too.

I bought few packs of "Yew Chian Haw" brand Pak Cheng soup ingredients from Penang. When I can't finish the whole pot of soup, I will do some creative cooking by adding the wheat flour vermicelli (mee sua), mushroom and vegetable in the soup, it becomes another yummy and healthy meal.

对许多女性来说, 经痛是个挥之不去的恶梦. 以前的我是其中之一. 比较普遍的解决方法就是吃止痛药, 可是我总是担心会有副作用.

终 于, 在妈妈一再唠叨下, 好几年前开始, 每次月事一完, 我就会自己炖一锅的八珍汤来调养身体, 这配方不但可以改善经痛的问题(当然啦, 生冷食物尽量避免), 而且对血液循环也有帮助, 让我们脸上气色比较红润. 我都是买现成包好的配方 (成份有川弓, 当归, 熟地, 防党参, 大枣等等), 特别喜欢"游建好"这品牌, 就算不加骨头,不加肉,汤喝起来也很甘醇, 不会苦. 在马来西亚的超级市场都可以买到.


我每次煮一锅, 都要分好几次才能喝完. 所以就动脑筋想到不如加点面线, 香菇, 蔬菜, 搞搞新花样, 效果还不错哦, 喜欢吃素的人可以试试看. 如果想吃荤的, 就加点排骨或鸡肉.


我个人觉得不加肉类真的蛮好喝的, 甘醇而不腻. 我都加鸡蛋 (妈妈说可以补充钙质哦) 想滋补又怕肥的朋友,不妨试试看吧.


1. 一包(120gm) "游建好" 八珍养颜汤配方
2. 2~3 个鸡蛋 (如想吃荤就以排骨或鸡肉代替)
3. 枸杞 - 随意(我自己另外加的)
4. 1000ml 水 (包装上是2000ml), 我比较喜欢浓一点的味道, 可依个人口味调整, 如果是要加面线的汤就要浓一点.

1. 面线
2. 香菇 (先泡软)
3. 枸杞 - 少许
4. 当季蔬菜
5. 香菜(芫荽) 或芹菜少许
6. 麻油或蒜油少许
7. 绍兴酒-随意(不喜欢可以不加)
8. 盐少许

步骤 :
1. 把水烧开, 加入配方和鸡蛋, 中小火炖15分钟.
2. 把鸡蛋捞起来, 拨掉壳, 再加入汤里, 再炖多45分钟就可息火.
3. 如果只想喝汤, 不加盐也可以.

4. 如想加面线的话中途可以把一半的材料分到另外一个锅, 再加香菇和
5. 面线和蔬菜再另外烧水煮熟.
6. 汤煮好以后加点盐调味即可.
7. 把汤淋在面线, 撒点香菜, 滴几滴麻油或蒜油, 和绍兴酒, 又是一道美味可口的药膳面食啦!!!

Ingredients :

1. 1 pack (120gm) "Yew Chian Haw" Pak Cheng
2. 2~3 eggs (may use some pork ribs or chicken)
3. W
olfberry (lycium chinense) - optional
4. 1000ml water (instruction - 2000ml, I like stronger taste, so, you may adjust the volume to personal preference)

For adding noodle :

1. Noodle
2. Mushroom (pre-soaked)
3. Some w
4. Some vegetable
5. Some cilantro or chinese celery
6. some sesame oil or garlic oil
7. Salt to taste
8. Shao Xing wine (optional)

Steps :

1. Boil the water, add in "Yew Chian Haw" Pak Cheng ingredients and eggs.
2. Return to boil, simmer over low medium heat for 15 minutes.
3. Remove the eggs from the soup and peel the shell, then return to the soup.
4. Continue to simmer for 45 minutes.
5. Serve warm. Season with some salt if desire.

To add wheat flour vermicelli (mee sua)

1. Split the soup to 2 pots.
2. Add in mushroom and wolfberry.
3. At the meantime, cook the mee sua and vegetable in a separate pot.
4. Season the soup with some salt.
5. When serve, top few drops of sesame oil or garlic to taste.
5. Garnish with cilantro or Chinese celery

"游建好" 八珍养颜汤. 之前从PENANG带过来的, 最后一包咯....., 要空运过来咯....


  1. Oh my goodness! That looks so delicious - like something my mom would make back home. Mmmm!
    Too bad I can't read Chinese. I might have to dig out Yahoo's online translator :P

  2. hi Mei, I will translate the recipe and steps to English later. It is something good for women after period, improve blood circulation and unconfortable of PMS. :-)

  3. 你这道八珍汤面线真的很开胃.你真的很有心思.

    其实我很讨厌八珍的味道.在我印象中, 我喝八珍汤没有超过十次;而且还是在母亲软硬兼施下才肯喝下.虽然如此, 每当月事完后, 我会用当归或DOM酒配炖马来鸡汤来调理身子.

  4. cherry potato, 我刚开始喝的时候就好像要了我的命, 要按着鼻子才勉强吞下去. 不过, 不晓得是因为习惯了, 还是买到对的配方, 现在完全不抗拒了!呵呵呵..

  5. Such a coincidence, I'm making this soup today using prepack ingredients too. Don't know how it taste like yet. :)

  6. hey small small baker, I think you can find "Yew Chian Haw" brand in Singapore too, may be different packing. How have you been? Long time not seeing you post new recipe leh... :-p

  7. this soup is full of good value for us ladies. just bought a pack & boiled it with chicken drumstick. i'm not a big fan but i take it to benefit the health. it's interesting to know that you cook mee sua with it.

  8. Cooking this soup with mee sua is something new to me. Your mee sua looks damn good! :) Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe!

  9. nyonya, it was like taking my breath away the first time I had it. But not anymore. :-)

    MH, thank you for drop by. Hope we can learn different kind of recipes from each other. :-)

  10. Will try this receipt with mee sua.. something special for the taste bud.

  11. Anonymous,
    thanks for dropped. Keep me posted after you try it. :-)

  12. Hi Ong, thanks for sharing , i wil try this weekend....Crystal


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