Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spicy Sizzling Prawn (香辣铁板虾)

Tom is leaving for China on a business trip again. I am trying to clear out some food from the freezer to cook something nice for him before the trip. After that, I think I will just have all kinds of noodle soup for 3 weeks while he is away.

Here is what I got for his meal the second day before his departure. The spicy sauce is really good to mix in rice. Keep in mind that this dish is served on a heated hot plate, so don't overcook the prawns.


Recipe for Spicy Sizzling Prawn :

1. 300g large prawn - trimmed, de-veined, peeled (optional)

2. Chili mixture - pound or blend the following ingredients:-
i) 3~4 red chillies - unseeded
ii) 1~2 cloves garlic
iii) 4 purple shallot

3. 4~5 ginger slices
4. Some onion slices (approx. 40~50g)
5. 1 tsp oyster sauce
6. 1 tbsp sweet chili sauce
7. 1/2 tsp dark soy sauce
8. 3~4 tbsp water
9. A dash of sugar (optional)
10. 1~2 tsp Lime Juice (can substitute with tamarind juice)
11. Salt to taste
12. Some green onion for garnishing

Steps :

1. Heat up a hot plate to be used for serving in separate stove.
2. In another heated and greased pan, fragrance the ginger and onion slices
3. Add Chili mixture and cook for 30~60 seconds (watch out the heat)
4. Add in prawn, oyster sauce, sweet chili sauce, dark soy sauce, stir for evenly cooked.
5. Add some water, a little at a time and stir to mix well.
6. Season with a dash of sugar, lime juice and salt to taste.
7. Dish out and serve on a a heated hot plate.


  1. You make me hungry...I want to eat it now :)

  2. Tin Tin...welcome back!! :-) grab as many as you want :-p

  3. I like spicy food, this look so yummy, more rice please..

  4. 又是惹我流滿地口水的一道菜!

  5. Sonia...I think most of the Malaysian can not resist spicy food, some of them even have curry everyday..hahahaha

  6. Potato....这道不难..试试看..

  7. 看到虾。。。我就开心。在看到这道菜我更开心,因为都是我行我喜欢的菜肴。

  8. Bakeling, Anncoo....来来来..加多几碗饭!!

  9. Yum yum!!!! Looks amazing lah! I have not been cooking for a long time :(. My new job keeps me so busy and the past few weekends I had planned programmes with fmly and friends. I really miss cooking :(.

  10. nyonya....totally understand your situation! :-)

  11. favourite dish...spicy prawns! I can finish all :D Thanks very much for sharing. MaryMoh at

  12. Hi Mary, you are welcome! :-)

  13. Tom is a lucky, lucky man! LOVE it. I love the sound of sizzling food, and serving it hot and spicy like that.

  14. Hi Sophia...sizzling food always tasty!!


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