Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blueberry Jam


Blueberries again!!! You can't blame me, its blueberry season!!!! You just have to pay 20% of the price that they are used to be, so I grabbed so much of it and freeze them. You may see few more blueberry recipes posted on my blog in the next couple of weeks :-p.


I promised my friend that I would post my blueberry jam recipe last time when I posted my blueberry scones recipe. I think this is the easiest jam to make, you don't have to add too much sugar in it as blueberry is not that sour like raspberry and blackberry.

Here's my simple blueberry jam making :

1. 1 kg blueberry
2. 1 tbsp brown sugar
3. 1 tbsp maltose (麦牙糖) - can be omitted if it is not available, but have to cook about 20mins longer to thicken the jam.
5. 1~2 tbsp honey or as needed to your preferred sweetness.

Steps :

1. In a non stick sauce pan, simmer the blueberries for 30~40 minutes, smash the raspberries with a wooden spatula or potato masher while cooking.
2. Add in ingredient # 2 and #3, stir until dissolved.
3. Simmer for another 20 minutes, stir occasionally.
4. Remove from heat, leave to cool for 2~3 minutes.
5. Stir in honey, mix well.
6. When the sauce is completely cool, storage in a clean jar, cover tight and refrigerate.


  1. Wow.. the jam looks great! I wish I could buy 1kg of blueberries here. It would cost me a bomb!

  2. Please courier me some!!!!!!
    I got the Kreativ Blogger award for you, check on my blog for the details ok!

  3. Hi Traci, ya, I understand, when I was in Malaysia, I was so surprised with those expensive baking ingredients, like cream cheese, it is just USD1.00 here, but about USD3.00 in wonder they sell it so expensive in the restaurant.

  4. Tin Tin.... I wish I could send you some, but the courier cost might be higher than if you buy it in Malaysia. hahaa...


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