Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Dog Onion Bun, Blueberry Bun

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo happy!!! My first attempt to shape hot dog bun and it turned out so well, just like the one sold at the bakery shop!!

I just got a bread maker recently, it makes my life so much easier. I don't have to knead the hell out of the dough. You just have to get all the ingredients ready and let the machine do all the work.

Assorted Buns....

I have not tried the full function, just use the dough function to do the mixing and kneading process, then I remove the dough to a large mixing bowl. I will definitely make more bread with the full function of this machine in the near future, stay tuned ya!!!

Blueberry Bun.

For the dough base, it is a bit different from my bacon onion roll recipe as I was running out of all purpose flour, I substituted it with lesser amount of cake flour and increased amount the bread flour and milk powder. I increased the amount of sugar too as the last attempt was a bit too bland. Eventually, all turned out well, I will use this recipe as my bun making in future.

Fresh from the oven!

Bacon Onion Roll again!!! Our favorite, can't miss it! :-)

Inside texture, soft and moist...

Here are my recipes and steps, happy baking! :-)

A) Dough
1. 1 pkg instant yeast (7g)
2. 480g bread flour
3. 120 cake flour
4. 110g sugar
5. 10g salt
6. 25g milk powder
7. 300ml water
8. 1 egg
9. 60 unsalted butter - soften in room temperature

B) mix some egg yolk and milk to brush the surface before place in the oven

C) some butter to brush on the surface after remove the buns from the oven

Steps :
(If you don't have bread maker, please refer to my previous post - Bacon Onion Roll for the hand mixing and kneading steps).

1. Place all the liquid ingredients (water and egg) first to the bread pan of the machine.
2. Then add all the dry ingredients EXCEPT yeast.
3. Make a small well on the top of the dry ingredients (not too deep to keep yeast away from the wet ingredients, add the yeast to the well.
4. Select the DOUGH function and press start.
5. My bread maker takes - 6 minutes for first knead (mixing) and 24 minutes for kneading.
6. I added the butter after first knead.
7. When the kneading is completed, remove the dough into a large lightly greased mixing bowl (this is optional, I wondered my bread pan is not big enough for my rising).
8. Cover the mixing bow with plastic film, rise for 2 hours 30 minutes at warm (approx. 28C) and moist place (Arizona is too dry, I rose my dough in the oven-non heated, and put a bowl of boiled water in it).
9. The dough should be triple in size after 2.5 hours.
10. Punch the dough with your fist to deflate the gas.
12. Divide the dough to 60g balls (I didn't divide all, I kept some for my bacon roll making), round them with your hands.

D) For Hot Dog Onion Bun
i) 6 hot dog
ii) 1/2 cup of spring onion mix with 1/2 egg, pinch of salt and sugar, black pepper.

1.Flatten the dough A, roll up with a piece of hot dog.
2. Cut it (just cut through the dog)
3. Twist and shape it as picture shown, let it rise for another 50 minutes, cover with plastic film.
4. 15 minutes before rising time up, pre-heat the oven at 350F.
5. Brush the egg liquid #B
6. Top each bun with a spoon of onion mixtures.
7. Bake for 13 minutes
8. Remove the buns from the oven, lightly brush with butter for shinny effect.

Temperature and time are to be adjusted as different oven will bring different condition and result.

E) Blueberry Bun
i). 1/2 cup (or as needed) of homemade blueberry jam - recipe here.
If blueberry jam is not available, use blueberry pie filling and omit ingredient #ii below.

ii). Some fresh/frozen blueberries.
iii). Some icing sugar (optional)

1. Flatted the dough ball, roll it up.
2. Let it rise for 50 minutes.
3. Cut the middle of the dough with scissors
4. Brush with egg liquid B
5. Top with blueberry and jam.
6. Bake for 13 minutes.
7. Lightly brush with butter after remove from oven.
8. Sprinkle with some icing sugar on top of the buns. (optional)

Stretch to check the texture after kneading --> size of dough before rise

Size of dough after rose ---> punch to deflate the gas

Hot dog bun making
twist and shapePhotobucket


  1. That is amazing! Truly looks like professionally made buns in the bakery. Very well done.

    By the way, I understand that you're not currently living in Malaysia? May I ask where you are now?

    Anyway, I will be following your blog! :D

  2. Hi Mei, welcome to my adventures. I am now in US, Arizona. :-)

  3. Oh, very nice! I just got to the US in January.

    Where do you usually shop for your asian groceries? :D

  4. Hi Mei, there is a BIG Asian supermarket just few miles away from me, I can get everything I need from there, so, I just couldn't find torch ginger (bunga kantan) and tamarind skin for my cooking, I will keep searching for it.

    Which part of US are you located?

  5. yes, definitely professional! it makes me drooling now :(

  6. Look like those sell in bakery. Good job!! My kids are now request me to bake them bread :((

  7. hahaha.... gill gill and tin tin, go get a bread maker, you will be addicted to bread making! I can't wait to try out more recipes! :-p

  8. great job, the buns look fantastic! i have not tried anything similar to this before. guess i will someday.

  9. hi nyonya, thank you for drop by! I love nyonya food, hope to learn more nyonya cooking trick from you in future. :-)

  10. I am enrolled as a student at the Uni of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. But currently I'm temporarily living in Minneapolis.

    I was trying to look for bean curd sheets (fu chok) to make pak ko yi mai tong sui but most asian stores here are so tiny and don't carry them. However I found United Noodles Inc. recently and they're huuuugee! And I got my fu chuk :D

    There is also an online store that sells a ton of stuff, so maybe you could inquire for the bunga kantan or tamarind skin :)

    Your recipes look so delicious. That bacon-wrapped scallop really caught my eye. The scallops here really are so large and tasty!

  11. hi Mei, thank you for your information!! I will check out the links you provided. :-)

    Wish you all the best here. By cooking some home country meal, it helps to relief my homesick too. :-)

  12. Ong, look nice until wanna to eat now,haha

  13. hi giggle, i must say again that i can't stop looking at your hot dog buns! you've really inspired me to try my hand at it too. saw yr dumpling post too. you're very talented! am definitely adding you to my blog list too! :D.

  14. hi nyonya, thank you!!! I wish to learn nyonya kuih from you too.. :-)

  15. Hello Giggle, I have passed you an award. Do check my blog for it when you're free okay? =)


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