Monday, March 23, 2009

Easy Chicken Wrap

Chicken Wrap

When I feel too lazy to cook, a chicken wrap is always the first choice that comes to my mind. It is a quick and easy meal. I used to have some marinated chicken breast in my fridge for a quick meal like chicken wrap, fried rice or noodle, and easy spaghetti. I have a variety of types of seasonings kept in my pantry. I don't have any particular flavor for the chicken wrap, just mix and match with some seasoning I have in my pantry.

Chicken Wrap

Ingredients and Steps :

1. 280g boneless and skinless chicken breast. - cut to bite size strips, marinate for at least 3 hours with some salt and garlic powder, paprika powder, lemon zest, thyme and parsley flakes. You may make your own flavor chicken strips according to your preferred seasoning - it is flexible.

2. 3pcs of burrito size tortilla
3. Some chunky salsa - see recipe here
4. Some warmed re-fried bean (optional)
5. Few lettuce leaves
6. Some lettuce head shreds.
7. Some shredded cheese (optional)

Steps :
1. Pan fry the chicken strips in a slightly greased saute pan.
2. Cover the tortillas with aluminum foil, warm in the preheated (250F) oven for 3~5 minutes.
3. Place a lettuce leaf on tortilla, top with cooked chicken strips, shredded cheese, re-fried beans, chunky salsa, lettuce shreds.
4. Roll/fold up.
5. Serve with some tortilla chips and salsa. Enjoy!!!

Some seasoning in my pantry.. , re-fried beans
Chicken WrapChicken Wrap

Warmed tortilla, ready to roll/fold!!
Chicken WrapChicken Wrap


  1. Look great...and yummy too. U make me hungry huh!! lol~
    Ya, u have recipe for steamed huat kuih?? My daughter loves it so much and I was thinking to make it for praying my house buddha.

  2. tin tin....I have the recipe, but that one is Taiwanese style one wor, brown sugar huat kuih. You want to try?


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