Friday, March 13, 2009

Sambal Petai and Udang


I Never thought that I could find petai in America. This is why I love Lee Lee Asian supermarket so much. Petai in Hokkian dialect called "chao dao", means stinky bean. It tastes like asparagus with very strong flavor of Lima bean (according to Tom).

Petai is very popular in Southeast Asia countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma. Many people love it with sambal (a very popular chili sauce in Malaysia). However, some people might be hesitant to eat it because it contains certain amino acids that give a strong smell to one's urine, an effect that can be noticed up to two days after consumption. Anyway, I don't have to worry about this awkward side effect now, because I have found a trick to avoid it. When you are eating petai, get some egg plant as well, it will help to reduce or remove the strong smell. Trust me, it works.


Sambal petai is another dish that would make me finish 3 bowls of rice other than Turmeric Chicken. Before I got the blender, it took me a lot of time to pound the ingredients. But when I think about something really yummy to satisfy my stomach, I don't care too much about the hard work. Would you?

Ingredients :

1. 120g petai
2. 400g medium prawn (trim the spikes and de-vein)
3. 170g shallot
4. 125g red chili (unseeded)
5. 5g dried chili (unseeded)
6. 1/2 tbsp dried pan fried belacan
7. 10g fresh turmaric
8. 1 tbsp dried shrimp
9. 2.5 tbsp vegetable oil
10. 160~80ml water
11. 10g tamarind fruit - mix with 1.5 tbsp water for juice
12. Salt to taste
13. A pinch of sugar to taste (optional)

Steps :

1. Blend well the ingredient #3~#8.
2. Heat up the frying pan and oil.
3. Pour in sambal mixture, stir in medium high heat for 7~8 minutes.
4. Add in the prawns, continue to cook (gradually add in water) until the prawns are almost done (about 3~4 minutes, depends on the prawn size)
5. Add in petai and tamarind juice cook for another 3~4 minutes.
6. Season to taste.


  1. Wow,..petai~slurpss !! You still can get it there in US, Tom like it?

  2. tin tin...ya, I can get it in Asian supermarket, country origin is Thailand. Malaysian petai is better, but, I can not complain anymore here in US, bo hu her pun hor (no fish, prawn also can!! LOL!! Tom like it as long as I cook some egg plant for the trick to avoid strong petai smell urine! LOL!!

  3. That petai dish sure looks like those I get in Penang...sure goes well with rice.

    Btw...thanks for dropping by my food blog. Can see that you are a hardworking person in the kitchen after reading yr blog...sure takes a lot of time preparing all those yummy food and soup.

  4. hi CK, thanks for drop by. I like your blog very much. I wish I could have one like yours in future. Still have a lot to learn!!
    I am now so far away from Penang, cooking Penang food is helping a bit to cure my homesick! :-)

  5. the petai looks authentic and tempting! i also can walap 3 bowls of rice with this easily. hee

  6. gill kidding, I am going to cook this again soon! LOL!


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