Monday, March 16, 2009

Pandan Layer Cake (Amended Recipe)


I made another Pandan Layer Cake for the Pot Luck Party last Saturday since I have some left over grated coconut from my last attempt. I have got the amount of sugar for the filling reduced from 130g to 95g, which is perfect to my sweetness level as well as for those people who are without a sweet tooth. The filling is more solid now. I made a mistake last time by adding more water to dilute the sweetness of the filling. To avoid this mistake, while cooking the filling, you may add the sugar slowly until it turns out to your preferred sweetness level.


For healthy issue, I also reduce the amount of the food color this time, as you can tell from the pictures, it doesn't look too much green.

Here's the recipe and steps again, I have also included some pictures to illustrate how I made the layers, hope it helps.

Ingredients for pandan cake :
1) Cake base
i) 90g cake flour - shifted
ii) 1/2 tsp baking powder - shifted
iii) 3 egg yolks
iv) 30g sugar
v) 1/4 cup pandan juice
vi) 1/4 cup vegetable oil
vii) 1/4 tsp salt
viii) 1/4 tsp pandan extract
iX) 1 small drop of green food color (Optional)

i) 3 egg whites
ii) 50g sugar
iii) 1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Ingredients for the pandan filling :

1. 900ML coconut milk
2. 100ML pandan juice (about 20 leaves)
3. 75g green pea flour ( I used arrow root starch as substitute - had to dissolve it in coconut milk first before cooking)
4. 1 tbsp jelly powder
5. 1/3 tsp salt
6. 95g sugar (original recipe called out 130g)
7. 1/4 tsp pandan extract
8. 1~2 small drops green color

Decoration :

50g of fresh grated coconut

Steps :

i) Line a 8" spring form cake pan, preheat the oven at 350F.
ii) In a mixing bowl, mix ingredients A until well combined.
iii) In a separate larger and clean mixing bowl, whisk ingredients B until stiff.
iv) Gently fold in step # iii, lightly stir with plastic spatula to mix well.
v) Pour the mixture into cake pan, bake for 40~45 minutes.
vi) Invert the cake for cooling.
vii) Slice the cake to 2 layers horizontally.

1. Cook the filling ingredients until slightly thickened, do not bring to boil. Divide to 2 portion.
2. On a flat plate/cake board, arrange the loosened 8" ring to sit on top of it so there is an even gap all around (you may stick the ring on the plate with few spots of candle wax, this will prevent the ring from moving when you fix the filling). This will make the mold - like a "Jello mold" - for the topping to form into. Place a slice cake into the cake ring, pour the first portion of filling into cake ring, repeat the same for the second layer.
3. Refrigerate until set.
4. Remove the cake ring (and the candle wax) and decorate with the grated coconut. Return to fridge , chill overnight.
5. Serve chilled.

Stick the cake ring with wax ->cover the fist slice of cake with the filling -> repeat the same for second layer. The last picture is my tool for grating the coconut.


  1. what is arrow root starch?
    i like ur pandan layer not so green , nice n healthy

  2. Hi Simonne..thanks for dropped by. Arrowroot in Chinese is 葛粉, it has been use as the thickener in cooking.

  3. I try making this last night, (diff recipe). This morning my pandan layer doesn't form! Still swim in the pandan kaya.
    Haiz... I think i didn't cook until THICK

  4. simonne, did you let it set in the fridge? ya.. you hv to cook the filling until thicken, just like you cook the glue with the corn starch.

  5. Hi, first time here! hop over from Ohbin's blog ^^

    May i know what is the tool name shown in photo (bottom right)? got it from M'sia or US?

  6. Hi..俏瑾,

    I got this from US Asian supermarket, here, we could not get the fresh shredded coconut like we usually get it from a Indian stall at morning market in Penang. I don't like dried processed coconut shredded, so, I usually buy a whole fresh cocobut from Asian supermarket then ask Tom to shred for me. :-p , it is not an easy job though... lol!!

  7. Where did you buy the instant jelly powder? Can I get it in local grocery store like Giant Eagle or Walmart?

  8. Hui wen, I got the jelly powder from one of the Oriental supermaket here, but I can not find it anymore. I do have some idea to substitue it, but haven't got a chance to try anyone of them, because I still need to dosome experiment. One of the optionals is the jello powder (plain) that sold in Walmart or other local supermaket. The second option is using the gelatin gel (you may find it on the jello section too, usually placed on the top rack) to set the filling. I'm sorry I can't give you how much amount to used because I have not done the experiment. May be you can do the experiment?? :-)

  9. Hi wendy,

    May i know what type of wax you use for the cake pan? If i don't put the wax can i stil take out the cake? other then wax and replacement?

  10. Hi Adrian,

    Just light up a candle and use the wax of it. Actually you don't have to do that if that cause you too much work, my husband just thought it would help to prevent the cake ring moving around when you pour the filling. I didn't use it in my first attempt and it came out well. :-)

  11. Thanks...a lot...wil try it out soon...:)

  12. Hi wendy,

    I just notice that on your steps you just mention Whisk Egg the egg yolk?

    sorry for asking so many question..:P

  13. Hi Adrian, I used whole eggs, I didn't separate the egg white and egg yolk! :-)

  14. Opps...sorry.. Thanks a lot..:)

  15. hi, i couldnt get arrow root starch and green peas powder over here. can i use cornflour or tapioca flour instead? thanks

  16. Lee, I do not recommend cornflour or tapioca flour as it will result in different texture (like glue) for your filling.


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