Friday, March 20, 2009

Raspberry Sauce/Jam


Do you like to spread some fruit sauce/jam on your toast? I do, and so does Tom and Cici. Isn't it nicer and healthier to make your own fruit jam? You can use them as the filling of the Swiss roll, crepe, or as the topping of the cake too. This is the sauce I used for my Raspberry Cheese Cake.


Here's the simple ingredients and steps. You may substitute with blackberry, blueberry or strawberry too. I also made some mixed berries (raspberry+blueberry+blackberry) at Tzu Chi yesterday, just love it!! :-)

1. 340g fresh raspberry
2. 50g cane sugar/brown sugar/rock sugar
3. 20g maltose (麦牙糖) - can be omitted if it is not available
4. 50g honey (can adjust to your preferred sweetness level)

Steps :

1. In a non stick sauce pan, simmer the raspberries for 30~40 minutes, smash the raspberries with a wooden spatula until it completely mashed.
2. Add in ingredient # 2 and #3, stir until dissolved.
3. Simmer for another 20~30 minutes, stir occasionally.
4. Remove from heat, leave to cool for 2~3 minutes.
5. Stir in honey, mix well.
6. When the sauce is completely cool, storage in a clean jar, cover tight and refrigerate.

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